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The 120 Women Leadership Council believes in achieving harmonious living through attentive listening and employing tools of female leadership to revitalize public discourse. The Council, made up of a nonpartisan collective of women from diverse social backgrounds, actively draft papers, organizes seminars, and develops professional programs focused on conflict resolution and communal justice. Grounded in conflict resolution and cooperative justice, the council aims to bridge divides by promoting a politics rooted in inclusivity and acceptance.

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Comprising over 800 influential women from diverse sectors, the "120 Women Leadership Council" is dedicated to leveraging their expertise and foster compromises on the pressing challenges facing our nation. These issues have unfortunately deepened societal rifts, propagated hatred, and intensified discord.

Our primary goal is to collaboratively develop a dialogue agreement employing the tools of female leadership. This council, grounded in conflict resolution and cooperative justice, aims to change attitudes toward problem-solving. We aspire to amplify the voices and actions of women across different political and social spectra.


Drawing from historical examples, we recognize the unifying strength of women during critical societal moments. Women have historically demonstrated leadership, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the community, family, and individuals. The language of partnership, listening, dialogue, and action for common goals has been instrumental in bringing about positive change.


The "120 Women Leadership Council" participants have engaged in extensive dialogues across various regions of Israel, meeting with representatives from different denominations and sectors. Our objective is to understand and address the unique needs of each society, and learn from effective female leadership practices. The council is actively involved in drafting position papers, organizing seminars, and developing professional programs focused on conflict resolution and communal justice.


Throughout this process, open dialogues, discussion circles, and professional panels will be conducted. The culmination of these efforts will be a charter presented at the Israeli President's House in April 2024. Our aim is to encourage politicians, leaders, heads of organizations, and institutions to endorse and implement this charter.


Our belief is in the transformative power of collaborative action, showcasing a brand of politics rooted in inclusivity and acceptance. Drawing on years of experience in legislative procedures, crisis management, and solution-oriented discussions, we are committed to proposing initiatives that benefit the entire population of Israel.


It is important to note that the "120 Women Leadership Council" is not aligned with any political stance. It is a nonpartisan collective of women from diverse social backgrounds united in the common goal of influencing the discourse style. We aspire to bridge divides and create a space where diverse opinions can coexist, firmly believing that the path to harmonious living begins with attentive listening.




Former MK Aliza Lavie,PhD, Tali Dvir Livnat, Sarah Rosenfeld



Steering Committee:

Sarit Yohananof, Bat Sheva Sadan, Nurit Sirkis, Ronia Rubinstein,Dr. Rachel Levi Drumer, Pnina Sharvit Baruch, Limor Weisberg, Dalia Fenig, Colonel (res.) Adv. Pnina Sharvit Baruch, Shoshi Yitzchaki, Dr. Chen Sagiv, Liora Tushinsky, Moriah Kleitman, Dr. Ofra Hakesher, Mira Leshem, Ariela Genigar, Dr. Rachel Hilel, Dr. Mazal Shaul.

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